What are the Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) requirements in Las Vegas?

Scalp micropigmentation is a method of tattooing that simulates the look of follicles resulting in a fuller and more youthful-looking hairstyle. As SMP gains traction in the states the demand for SMP artists is increasing at a rapid rate. With scalp micropigmentation being a high ticket item, more and more consumers are gaining awareness about this relatively new treatment for hair loss. Lack of regulation and training results in the hundreds of botched jobs you can easily find with a simple google search or, worse yet, the spread of communicable diseases. Having said that, this is a procedure that should be, and is, regulated by a governing authority and Nevada has very defined rules on licensing. In this article, I will discuss the laws and regulations that need to be met to become a scalp micropigmentation artist in Nevada.?

The Southern Nevada health department is the governing authority on tattooing in Clark County. They regulate all types of tattooing by requiring each artist to obtain a body art card. They also have some of the strictest licensing laws in the nation when it concerns tattooing, and for good reason! Las Vegas is a central hub for some of the most amazing tattoo artists in the world. The tattoo industry in Las Vegas is one of the largest in the nation. Given that so many people want to become tattoo artists and take advantage of the money that can be made, the southern Nevada health district has placed the following requirements for all of those looking to gain a body art card (the license needed to perform any type of tattooing in Nevada).?

6 Month Apprenticeship

Nevada is one of the few states that requires a 6-month apprenticeship under an accredited mentor. Scalp King Scalp Micropigmentation is fully licensed, accredited, and insured with SMP to mentor apprentices and has the facilities to both train and allow apprentices to practice their art as they wait out the 6 months. The SNHD does not have a course or hourly requirements so you won’t be expected to fill hours or gain course credits, but your mentor should always have an agenda set for you within the 6 months to hone your skills as an SMP artist. To begin the 6-month apprenticeship you must first get the signature of your mentor, complete a bloodborne pathogens course, and finally, take a multiple-choice quiz at SNHD that tests your knowledge of all the rules and regulations.

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate

The biggest concern SNHD (southern Nevada health district) has with tattooing is the spread of communicable diseases and infection. Since we are using needles to puncture wounds into the skin of our clients, bodily fluids are transmitted from client to machine and the surrounding environment. A bloodborne pathogen certificate shows the SNHD that you have been educated on all of the major communicable diseases like HIV and Hepatitis to name a few. The bloodborne pathogens certificate can be obtained online through the American Red Cross.

Multiple Choice Test

When you have completed your Bloodborne certificate and have gained the signature of your mentor, you can book an appointment with SNHD to take your multiple-choice test. After passing the test you will be issued a temporary apprentice permit to work solely at your mentors’ facility that is licensed for body art.

After the 6-month apprenticeship is complete, you will go back to SNHD with signed paperwork from your mentor to be issued your body art card. At that point, you will need to either find a facility that is already licensed for body art or rent out your studio and have an inspector come out to license your space.

I hope this article has helped you gain the knowledge needed to become an SMP artist

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